Assesment of the environmental sustainability scientific production in a Conacyt's Public Research Institution (PRI) (1982-2012)

Alan Celaya Lozano, Diana Luque Agraz, Jaqueline García Hernández, José Antonio Amozurrutia De María y Campos, Juan Martín Preciado Rodríguez, Jesús Laborín Álvarez, Rafael Enrique Cabanillas López
A hydrological, climatic and biodiversity crisis is recognized by several major international organizations. Although they are strategic in the development of public policy addressing such environmental issues, Conacyt´s Public Research Institutions (PRI) lack a systematic method for addressing their own performance when it comes to environmental justice. To contribute in this objective, we evaluated the environmental sustainability scientific production (ESSP) and its social and academic impact in one PRI between the years of 1982 and 2012. We conclude that priorities at the federal level continue to prioritize other lines of research which are oriented towards the support of productivity in the private sector. At the same time while the environment continues to be recognized as part of a research agenda, it is of little interest to the public and private sectors.
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