The National System of Researchers: Mirror and model?

Manuel Gil Antón y Leobardo Eduardo Contreras Gómez
This article contrasts certain features of members of the National System of Researchers (SNI) in the fields of Physics-Mathematics with those of the Social Sciences. The central hypothesis is that, for the first field, the characteristics established as suitable for researchers coincide with the processes of formation and development intrinsic to their disciplines (mirror effect), while for the second field, the traits became a model to emulate. To achieve the research objective, we compared these areas according to the following indicators: number of researchers, internal evaluation criteria, and age when the PhD was obtained, combined with the researchers´ levels within the system. These features suggest that the SNI has permeated disciplinary cultures to standardize the behavior of its members. Lastly, we highlight future areas for research into the impact of the SNI on the formation of the scientific profession in Mexico.
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