• ANUIES Publicactions
    • The Higher Education Journal
      Starting from issue No. 157 (January - April, 2011), an English version is available of the articles published in the Research, Essays and Thematic Analysis sections after having been favorably arbitrated.
    • Books
      A menu that includes all the titles published by ANUIES, including a brief summary and information about prices and stock, with a link to more information and, in certain cases, the entire publication.
      • Higher Education Library
        Includes three series: Research, Essays and Classic Works. The titles in this collection are characterized by their theoretical and methodological variety as it tackles diverse approaches and subject-matters.
      • Today's topics on Higher Education
        Designed to satisfy a wide audience, these works rigorously document emerging topics in secondary and higher education in Mexico and abroad.
      • Information and Statistical
        Provides statistical information required by institutions and secondary and higher education scholars. The collection also publishes statistical yearbooks that include data on student population academic and administrative staff in secondary and in higher education institutions, statistical analyses and methodological contributions, in addition to catalogs with detailed lists of undergraduate and graduate degrees offered in Mexico.
      • Casa ANUIES Workbooks
        Unpublished didactical texts, that aim to improve the competences established in the continuing education courses response to the requests presented by the academic communities.
      • Documents Collection
        A series of works written or coordinated by the Executive Secretary General. These texts present proposals and methodologies for teaching innovation and updating, research, and the promotion of culture and services, as well as the management of higher education institutions.
      • Institutional Documents
        Publishes documents proposed and approved by the collegiate bodies of ANUIES, mainly by its General Assembly; it also includes contributions for public policy proposals in secondary and in higher education.
      • Other publications
        Other titles not included in the collection, and joint editions with both national and international higher education institutions and other organisms.
    • Confluencia Bulletin
      A constant flow of information about higher education in Mexico. An informative body of the Executive Secretary General's office, responsible for demonstrating and spreading the Association's work and achievements , as well as the programs and activities carried out by its affiliated institutions.
    • Publishing Novelties
      Most recent publications.
    • News and Recommendations
      Publishing news from the ambience of the higher education institutions and others of interest for the development of the substantive functions accomplish by these institutions.
    • Official Announcements
      An invitation to take part in activities related to the publications of higher education institutions and other related fields.
    • Higher Education Information Center (CISES) Library
      Information offered by the Center of Information about Higher Education (CISES in Spanish), a large collection of publications and documents that is available to the general public.
    • HEI's Catalogues
      Links to online catalogues for publications by our affiliates, as well as other types of institutions.
    • How to Buy
      To buy a book or a Higher Education Magazine, the request should specify a delivery place: Mexico city, any state of the country or abroad.
    • Are you interested in publishing with us?
      The procedures to submit proposals to publish as book, collaborations in the Magazine of Higher education, or information to spread on the Confluencia bulletin.
    • Contact Information
      If you want to communicate with the person in charge of some of the sections of our publication site, please fill and send the following form.
    • Searches
      Search for any topics and/or authors of the ANUIES publications and the CISES Library, as well as the information included in the Confluence Bulletin.